Essential Keys to Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a book I recently had published entitled Essential Keys to Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance. In this book I share many different spiritual warfare encounters I have had over a 34 year period and the keys to victory that I learned. This is a great book for anyone who would like to learn to pray more effectively, learn more about spiritual warfare and deliverance, and be equipped to help others get free from strongholds or spiritual bondages. I designed the book to be a type of manual with sample prayers at the end of many chapters that can be used to help people get set free. It would make a great group study for those who feel called to be intercessors or who simply want to know how to pray more effectively.

I believe that as we get closer to the end of time and the returning of Christ, the warfare will become more intense and people will need to be equipped for it. Also, before the return of Jesus, I believe there is a great harvest of souls that will come into the kingdom of God. Many of them will need someone to help walk them through getting free from strongholds, addictions, etc. in their lives. If you would like to be equipped to help your loved ones and others get free, this book is a great resource. The book is available on in paperback and kindle form. God bless you all.

In Christ,

Kelly E Rowe

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