A Watchman’s Intel

Photo by Alex Andrews on Pexels.com

I have shared previously that my husband is a watchman. A watchman is a type of prophetic calling, similar to that of Ezekiel (see Ezekiel 3:16-21). He often has dreams from the Lord which show us something that is going on, often covertly, or is a warning of something that is coming. The purpose of the dreams is so that we can pray ourselves, alert others, and share with those who are intercessors, who will pray about what God has shown us. As I have shared in other posts, often situations can be averted or minimized through prayer. Other times they are going to happen and God is trying to prepare His people. I often feel reluctant to share the dreams publicly with people who are not Christians or spiritual warfare intercessors, because they don’t understand it and I do not wish to create fear. Nevertheless, I feel this is something the Lord has called us to do, so I’m going to share a couple of recent dreams that my husband had.

The CODIS Dream

My husband, Tim, dreamed that he was at a strip mall and he saw a woman about 30 years old coming out of a store yelling hysterically that the CODIS had been used against her to frame her and her family. She said they had locked her up and abused and tortured her. Tim continued walking for about another 150 feet and the woman came up next to him. He threw down some puzzle pieces on the floor and asked the woman to help him put the pieces together (in an effort to distract or redirect her). When Tim looked into the woman’s eyes, they were black, with no white, similar to pictures you would see of an “alien.”

After waking up from the dream, my husband googled CODIS and found out that it stands for Combined DNA Index System. This is a generic term used to describe the FBI’s program of DNA data base where they are collecting DNA samples from various sources, including the Covid-19 swabs. Neither my husband or I had any previous knowledge of this. I have heard other people talking about the dangers and possible long-term affects of the vaccines, the passports, etc., but this is something we were not aware of.

The Gargoyle Dream

In this dream, my husband saw what looked like a huge red gargoyle or demonic looking creature. It had huge wings with hooks at the top and sides (similar to a bat). This creature had arms and was strapped to a table in what appeared to be like a laboratory. It appeared to have been in some kind of stasis, where it had been incapacitated or weakened. There was a person in a lab coat that was doing something to revive the creature. The creature got off the table and walked out into a large city with tall buildings. When the creature stood, it appeared to be about 8-10 feet tall. It began rapidly regaining it’s strength, but was still too weak to do it’s task. Tim walked over to the creature and it said to him: “There is one far bigger and more powerful (or vicious) than I, who is about to be unleashed, even I am afraid of him.”

I believe this creature represented the demonic force that is behind the Covid-19 virus and the new strains that have been emerging. For a little while, it appeared that we had restrained it and was bringing it under control. In the dream, it appeared that perhaps with the aid of people working in a laboratory, it was being revived (possibly modified) and regaining it’s strength. This could also represent the new strains.

The other thing I thought about when my husband told me the dream is that I heard three other well-known prophets say in 2020 that the Lord had shown them that there was another virus or plague coming after this one that would make Covid-19 look like “child’s play.”

Again, my purpose in sharing this is not to create fear, but so that God’s people can pray and be prepared. Matthew 10:1 says: “And when He had called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.” (NKJV).

A Testimony of Healing

I would like to share a testimony that demonstrates that the Lord has given us authority over sickness and disease. Many years ago, my husband and I went to visit one of his sisters. We did not find out until after we had gone inside their home that they had all been sick with a virus for three days. The virus caused vomiting, diarrhea and a fever. We went back home and the next morning, after waking up, I felt kind of weak and nauseous. I laid on the couch for a while and then started feeling really sick. I ran to the bathroom and all of a sudden, I was sitting on the toilet, having diarrhea and throwing up in the bathtub almost simultaneously and burning up with a fever at the same time. I began to pray a pitiful prayer, asking the Lord to heal me. The Lord spoke to me in my mind and said “You’re not praying the prayer of faith, you need to take authority over this sickness in the name of Jesus.” I then lifted my hand, mustered up all the faith I could, and said, I take authority over this sickness and disease and any spirits of infirmity and command it to go from me in the name of Jesus. Immediately, I felt the presence of the Lord, my temperature returned to normal and the nausea, vomiting and diarrhea ceased. My husband’s family had been sick with this virus for three days, but I was healed instantly the first morning that it came on me, but only because I took authority over it and prayed the prayer of faith, as the Lord directed me.

I know that we don’t always get healed of everything that quickly. Sometimes you have to stand on the word of God and continue to pray and confess the word of God over your situation for a period of time, but we have to claim and believe what the word of God says and do what it says if we want to have victory. Jesus gave His followers the keys (authority) to the kingdom (Matthew 16:19), but we have to take the keys and use them, instead of asking the Lord to do something for us that He has given us the authority to do.

Also, just a reminder that the darker the world becomes, the greater the opportunity God’s people have to shine brightly (Isaiah 60:1-2). God bless you all.

In Christ – Kelly Rowe