Facing Opposition

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since I have done my blog. My husband and I have been busy setting up a Youtube channel and doing videos and I have been working on writing a book, which I’ve pretty well completed, but now I have to work on getting it published.

It seems that the enemy of our souls really did not want us to move forward with the Youtube channel because we’ve had all kinds of warfare since we tried to start it. When we were almost ready to share our first Youtube video, our power pole got hit by lightning and zapped our modem, so we had no internet for a week. After the repairman came and fixed it and brought us a new modem, I attempted to upload our first Youtube video on a Thursday evening. The internet stopped working for no apparent reason, so we called the provider. After about 20 minutes, they were able to get it working again, until about 5 minutes after we hung up, when it stopped working again. We prayed and went to bed. The next morning, the internet was working again and the Youtube video had posted (on Friday morning). On Friday afternoon, we started getting a storm, so I unplugged the modem, computer and TV from the electrical plug and walked into the kitchen just in time to see lightning strike the power pole again and land in our yard. My husband yelled, “I just saw sparks come out of the wall.” I had forgotten to disconnect the modem from the telephone jack and you guessed it, it fried the modem again and because the television was connected to the modem, as well as our sound system, this time it fried all three. We then had to wait another week for repairs and had more problems with our internet after that, but thankfully, we were able to launch a second video after that.

Just prior to that, my husband’s glasses got severely scratched, so he had to buy new glasses (which took about 2 weeks to get), his phone got soaked with water when he had to be out in the rain for his job and the battery swelled up and burned out the connection where you plug the phone in to recharge the phone (so he had to buy a new phone) and he’s had dental problems which have required several dentist appointments and extra expenses for that. I won’t go into all the other crazy stuff that happened with the phone companies, etc.

Today, when I went to my blog website to do my blog, it was down, so I am doing this in Open Office, hoping that I will be able to copy and paste to my website later.

It seems that every time I or we have tried to move forward with a new step in ministry, we have been hit with some type of attack or multiple trials and I have heard several other people in ministry (and Christians in general) say that they have experienced the same thing. We are in a spiritual war and while some of these things may seem like coincidence, when they all keep happening back to back, it does not seem like a coincidence.

The Apostle Paul said in I Corinthians 16:9 “For a great and effective door has opened to me, and there are many adversaries.” I remember reading years ago, that the same word for “opportunity” in Chinese also means danger. When the Lord presents us with a new door of opportunity, there will always be opposition and we have to be willing to press through if we want to gain ground and fulfill the Lord’s plans for our lives.

The focus of our Youtube videos is to share the warning dreams that my husband has had, along with principles for prayer, and to call the church and the nation to prayer and repentance, which obviously is something that the enemy does not want to happen, but we are marching on!

I want to remind everyone or inform you, if you don’t already know, that this Saturday, September 26 has been designated as a day of prayer and repentance for our nation by Jonathan Cahn (who wrote The Harbinger I & II) and Franklin Graham (Billy Graham’s son). Our church is going to be livestreaming the prophecy for our nation from Jonathan Cahn at 11 am and Franklin Graham’s march to Washington and prayers for our nation from 12 -2 pm and we will be having a time of prayer.

After launching our first video (Tim’s warning dream for America), I received a couple of comments from some intercessors, basically telling me that it’s too late to pray for America, that judgment has been set, but I do not accept that. I have heard several other prophets say that the Lord showed them, that America’s future depends on whether the church will pray and intercede for our nation and whether people will answer the call to repentance or not.

I will write more about principles of prayer next time. God bless you all.

Kelly Rowe