Warning Dreams

Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

Many of you probably saw the videos that Pastor Dana Coverstone did on Youtube where he shared a series of dreams that he had that I believe are from the Lord. The first dream that he had was in December of 2019. He saw a calendar and a hand that flipped the calendar from that time to March 2020. The hand then underlined March and tapped it three times. He saw scenes of people on ventilators, in hospitals, etc. (the Covid-19 virus). The hand then turned the calendar to June, underlined June and again tapped it three times. He then saw riots, looting, burning, etc. (all the things that started happening in June 2020).

After that Pastor Dana had another dream where he saw the hand flip to the month of September; it again underlined September and tapped the month three times. I believe he said he then saw more sickness, which he said was much worse than it has been so far with Covid-19. He said he didn’t know if it was a worse strain of the Covid-19 virus or something different. Then the hand flipped the calendar to November and he saw a fist punch the calendar and it blew apart. He then saw the rioting, looting, burning, violence, etc. explode like 100 times worse. He also saw the Whitehouse, which was empty, and the curtains were drawn. He did not see President Trump anywhere. He then saw there was one room that had a group of Senators around a long congressional-type of table. They had briefcases with files that they were passing around, working calmly, even while there was burning, rioting, etc. going on outside. He also saw the UN; troops with blue helmets on and Russian soldiers telling the Chinese troops what to do. He said he was not sure if the troops were in Washington D. C. or where they were. He also saw explosions going off across North America. This is a brief summary of the dreams. There is a lot more to them that you can look up on Youtube, if you would like to hear the rest of the dreams. I share this because I believe the dream my husband had on the morning of July 28, 2020 corresponds to Pastor Dana’s dream about November.

My Husband’s Dream

On July 28th, my husband (Tim) had a dream that we were driving in our vehicle towards Ocala, Florida during the early morning, while it was still dark outside, when suddenly we saw several mushroom clouds going up into the sky all across the state. He said he did not see a fireball, so he thought it was a limited nuclear attack or some type of explosion within the power plants and military contracting facilities. The bombs hit military bases, like the Jacksonville Naval Base and (although he could not see it), he felt that many other military bases all across the country were hit also, as well as contracting facilities like Martin Marietta, who makes parts for missiles and has locations in Ocala and Orlando. This would potentially kill hundreds of thousands of people or more.

Next, Tim was in a government helicopter, flying over power plants. The ones that were nuclear had been knocked out and they were melting down. They had no way of pumping water or cooling the reactors because we had no electricity, so they had developed a system using groundwater, which would poison the water if the casing cracked, but it was an all-out emergency so they didn’t have much of a choice.

In the next scene, Tim was in a military meeting and a Russian spokesperson did a video conference call and made a demand, saying that The United States of America must remove President Donald Trump from office or they would launch a full scale attack. As Tim looked around the room, he saw that the top U.S. military leaders in the room were part of the New World Order, radical Muslim factions (or were associated with them) and anarchists. They had all had been working with the Russians or UN in an effort to over-throw the United States of America.

If I were looking at this dream as being symbolic, I would say that it represented the spiritual warfare that was going on over the upcoming election and was showing the forces that were working behind the scenes to try to remove President Trump from office. Sometimes it is hard to tell if a dream is purely symbolic or literal until after it happens.

If the dream is a literal warning dream, then I believe God is warning us so that we can pray and get prepared. Sometimes situations can be averted or minimized through our prayers (like the story of Jonah; the Lord relented when the people of Nineveh humbled themselves and repented and He did not send the judgement that he told Jonah to proclaim). Other times sin has reached it’s full measure and judgment is going to fall (Genesis 15:16, Matthew 23:29-39) and the Lord is showing us so we can get prepared. We have aborted over 60 million babies in this country, not to mention all the sex trafficking, murders, violence and other sins. I do not know which way things are going to go, but I am asking you all to please be in serious prayer over this. The future of our country is at stake and possibly the the lives of many young military men and women, including our son. I am praying for him and the other young men and women in the military and their families, but I still feel much concern for them and for our country.

I heard Pastor Dana Coverstone share another dream about September. In it, he saw the hand pull the month of September off the calendar and place it before the altar where he normally prays. He got on his knees on the calendar month of September and the Lord said “you are not enough; you need to get more people to pray.” He then began to ask more people to join him and he said he saw a map of the United States and the calendar kept getting larger until it covered the whole map of the United States and more and more people kept joining until all the spaces on the calendar were filled. He said he saw fire starting around the edges of the map and some within. He said some of it was revival fires and some were fires of opposition. He said he saw dark clouds and heard the clashing of swords in the heavenlies (angels and demons in battle). He said it was the most intense warfare that he had ever seen. Many Christians were bloody and bruised and worn out from the battle. There were great victories, but also defeats. He said that Christians were really going to have to step up their prayer lives. Just doing a 5-10 minute devotional would not be enough for the battle that lies ahead. He said he saw the words “Solemn Assembly” and then the hand wrote September in front of the words Solemn Assembly. I think we all need to keep this in mind and consider this a call to prayer. May God bless and keep you all.

In Christ –Kelly Rowe