Are You Plugged In?

Recently my husband had a dream, which I would like to share with you all. He said in the dream, he went in to a church that was in a valley. It had glass walls, but no ceiling or roof and there weren’t any support beams (it was in a fragile state). He stated he could not see any lights inside the church or coming from the church and he had a hard time finding the door, since everything was made of glass. The people inside the church were dressed very formally in their best Sunday clothes, but they didn’t seem to have any joy or any emotion on their faces. There was a main power source outside the church on the top of the mountain and lower down the mountain, there were thousands (or maybe more) people sitting in lawn chairs drinking drinks and wearing casual attire (shorts, sandals, etc). They were facing towards the church and could see through the glass walls, but they chose to stay outside. Each of the people sitting outside had a low capacity extension cord that was plugged into the extension cord of the person next to him or her and it went on and on until it came to the church. There were large black professional-looking extension cords running from outside the church up to the front of the church, where the pulpit and sound system were located. Because there were so many extension cords connected to one another, by the time they reached the front, the power voltage was so low that it blew the circuit breaker and the power went off inside the church while they were having a camp meeting-like event where there were multiple preachers taking turns preaching. The ministers seemed unconcerned about the fact that they had no power and they seemed to hardly notice. My husband said he thought about throwing the switch to reset the power, but he realized it would only short out again due to the way the power system was structured.

I feel that the Lord is showing us that we really need to pray for the Church, the body of Christ (as a whole). I think we are in serious need of a fresh awakening and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I have heard several prophetic words lately about the end time Revival that has already begun in 2019, but I have also heard words about how we need to pray it in and how it can pass us by and we can miss out on it if we are not serious about seeking the Lord and putting away the distractions and being willing to live holy lives.

I also felt that the Lord was showing us that many Christians are feeding off of each other or someone else’s revelation, instead of being connected directly to the main power source (God) for themselves. I know the Bible gives us all gifts for encouraging one another and building each other up and I listen to other teachers and preachers of the Gospel, and read things on social media, but that should not take the place of us spending personal one-on-one time with the Lord.

I would like to encourage you all to make spending personal intimate time with the Lord your main priority, but also pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church. I believe God wants to send us a tremendous revival, like the book of Acts or even greater, like He showed my husband in the previous dream that I shared (in Revival Update) and some have already been experiencing. There is a harvest to be brought in and Jesus and the Apostles reaped the harvest by practicing signs and wonders evangelism. I believe God wants to do it again, but we need to do our part. As I have shared previously, since our intercessory prayer group has committed to daily corporate prayer through messenger, the anointing has increased in our church, but I know there is more, not just for our church, but for the whole body of Christ. God bless you all.

Kelly Rowe