Revival Update

group of people raise their hands on stadium
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Prophetic Dreams – A few months ago I shared a dream my husband had about the Lord sending revival to our church. Evangelist Don Hand came on one Sunday morning and several Sunday nights for about a month and we had a great time of revival. Some got delivered, healed physically and emotionally and some of the young people got filled with the Holy Spirit and others received laughter (the joy of the Lord). We had a great time of refreshing and receiving from the presence of the Lord.

Another Revival is Coming – Towards the end of the revival, my husband had another dream about revival. He said in this dream, the power and presence of the Lord was so intense (like nothing we had ever experienced before), it was like being in the Holy of Holies. He said that he was afraid that people might even die (like Ananias and Saphira, in the book of Acts). He said people could not be playing games or playing church when this move of God comes. He also told me that there was a group of young people who were filled with the Holy Spirit and they were looking at their hands like they weren’t sure what to do with the power that was being poured out on them.  He said that they didn’t have to pray for people or lay hands on them, they could just think it and it would happen. He said the power of God was not tied to one person, like an Evangelist or preacher, it was in the atmosphere.

The Power of God was Present to Heal – Yesterday, while watching and listening to The Gospel of Luke, I was struck by how it said that when Jesus was teaching “The power of God was present to heal” and in another place that everyone was trying to touch Jesus because the power of God was coming out of Him to heal them. He didn’t even have to pray for them. The power of God just flowed out of Him and healed them. Also in the book of Acts, it says many were healed when the shadows of the Apostles touched them as they passed by.

I have heard many prophetic words about God sending this kind of Revival and I am very excited. “The glory of the latter house (the church) will be greater than the former.” (Haggai 2:9). I believe that the Lord is going to send a revival, like the book of Acts, maybe greater. Next time I will talk about preparing ourselves for it. God bless you all.

Kelly Rowe